Hello Burbank friends and neighbors! We’re an all-volunteer group of average citizens who oppose Burbank’s ballot Measure B. Measure B is deceptive and unfair to the voters of Burbank. On November 8th, we’re being asked to vote to approve a massive new airport expansion without knowing many concrete details that will effect all our lives, every day. The Glendale-Pasadena-Burbank Airport Authority wants you to rubber stamp an ambiguous $400,000,000 plan that’s been rushed through to make it onto the ballot. Worse yet, they want you to give up your voting rights on airport expansion forever! The people who are championing Measure B hope you’ll sign away your rights to approve airport expansion. We urge you to VOTE NO on B! There’s much to talk about and a lot of confusion on the issue. We hope you’ll join us in opposing B!


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