Is our current airport unsafe?

Is our current airport unsafe? I heard our runway is too close to the terminal and that we’re not up to date with seismic standards.

Calls for greater safety are always welcome. However, safety concerns are often used as a tactic, especially when big money is at stake.  If the airport was truly unsafe, the FAA would have halted operations or perhaps fined the airport long ago.

Here’s a quote from documents we found from the Airport Commission’s meeting on July 17th, 2016:

“The central portion of the existing passenger terminal was constructed over 85 years ago. Although retrofitted in 1995 to satisfy Burbank’s Unreinforced Masonry Ordinance, this portion does not meet the State of California’s seismic safety design standards for a new building.”

Well yeah, it’s not a new building. How could it or any other existing building for that matter meet safety standards for a new building? City hall probably doesn’t meet this requirement either but no one is rushing to replace that building… yet.


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