They want options

CONFUSED about Measure B and that it might be your only chance at a new terminal. THINK AGAIN!

The Airport Authority (AA) could have built a 14 gate terminal on their land at another site, without any permission needed, for many decades now. This is an alternate new terminal plan, it’s been around for a long time. It’s basically located off of Empire at the air cargo (FedX, etc.) structures. But, it makes a terminal landlocked for future expansion. They are using this Measure B to get a terminal built, on the B6 property, where they can expand in the future, if they want, and at the same time basically wipe out all protections and city easement rights so they can do what they want. THAT IS WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!


So, the AA’s threat is if they lose the Measure B vote, then they will build on the SW quad. Great. We will, not have any citizens voting rights on that, but the city still maintains control of easements thereby maintaining bargaining power. KEEP IN MIND if MEASURE B passes, we lose both citizens voting rights and easement rights.

The AA can then basically do what they want.

AND, with the alternate site, we still get revenue from planes and fuel fees just like before.


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