Mayor’s son is deleting No on Measure B Facebook posts


Come on Scott! Your Facebook masthead states this CLOSED PAGE promotes “open communication between residents.” There are no posting guidelines anywhere and you have arbitrarily deleted posts in the past when they touched a nerve.


I think he and the other admins of this Facebook page mean well 99% of the time but it must be nice to control the message to over 4600 Burbankers who need to be educated about Measure B  – whether you like their tone or not.  It’s ridiculous to make up the rules as you go. 

It makes the mayor look pretty bad.




This was just deleted:


Let them argue their points like you do on other issues!!!!


Full disclosure, I’ve reported posts to Scott Talamantes that were offensive and in one case, could have caused legal trouble and to his credit, he deleted them. But this IS true crony censorship – nothing that was posted was obscene and it was all one person’t opinion (not my post BTW.)


2 thoughts on “Mayor’s son is deleting No on Measure B Facebook posts

  1. Just goes to show that the attitude of the city elite is vote how we tell you no questions asked and with no discussion just like how they came up with this whole airport expansion deal in secret behind closed doors and out of public view. Shame on you Mr Frutos


  2. This is what liberals do, censor free speech when it disagrees with them. The council can’t defend the bad deal they made so it’s time to shut down free speech


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