Our voice is growing louder


Blog traffic is increasing. Our Facebook page is getting more likes and shares every hour. We have orders for 100 lawn signs and more on the way. Flyers will start appearing on front porches and in public places this week. We have more volunteers stepping forward every day. When we talk to our friends and neighbors this is the response: “I don’t know much about Measure B.” But as the conversation continues we hear things like: “There’s ALREADY too much traffic on Hollywood Way!” or “What’s wrong with what we have now?”  We’re letting them know door-to-door, face-to-face and on social media that this new Measure B will cost voters the only real right they have  – THEIR VOTE.  If B passes we won’t have a say in any future planning. We’re telling them the Supermajority means only one more vote from an airport insider who’s appointed to protect big business.  And we’re educating them about the impending disaster know as “NextGEN.”


One thought on “Our voice is growing louder

  1. Ok so I always watch the council show on Tuesday night and WOW the people that talked about the airport this last show were super good. That video about the Next Gen stuff it showed more than I ever found out watching the council show. I liked the Vote No fb page and I found this page from the fb page. I am going to vote NO for sure so thanks everybody oh and thanks to Dr Gordon he is the best on the council show. I just wish he was mayor again.

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