Great Facebook post quotes FAA on BUR safety

Note: We’ve added some emphasis and additional dates to the original post with permission from the author.

The so called UNSAFE (current) terminal PR campaign being used to sell the measure B vote to build the bigger terminal with many protections voted away, verses keeping the old one or building the alternate smaller one, well here’s food for thought.

Guidelines are forever changing. Heck, my 68 yr old house doesn’t meet many current building code guidelines….doesn’t make it unsafe. Buildings, bridges, etc. across the USA don’t meet current standards (guidelines)….doesn’t make them unsafe.

It’s not that the airport is unsafe….that’s just the sales pitch. The truth is the current terminal does not meet CURRENT FAA guidelines, but the FAA clearly stated in 2002 (and again in 2011) that that does not mean it is unsafe. And, nothing has changed about safety since 2002 (or 2011) either I might add.

The FAA is on record along with the airport authority stating, per the now former FAA administrator Marion Blakey, quote:

“ …that operations at Bob Hope Airport can continue safely in the current configuration. Our longstanding support for the relocation of the terminal was based on our interest in bringing the airfield up to current design standards and providing the highest level of safety. However, given the special operating procedure in effect for the airport and the long history of operations with the terminal, we believe that operations in the present location can continue safely in the future as in the past.

The repeated FAA 2011 statement can be downloaded here: FAA Letter

Also, even if passed, the current terminal stays open and used for another 7 years before they attempt to build a new one. So the FACT is when people say the Airport Authority has stated the airport is unsafe or per the FAA the airport is unsafe. That is patently UNTRUE. It just doesn’t meet current guidelines, but the airport per the FAA is 100% safe…..BIG DIFFERENCE.



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