Tues. Council Mtg to cover Measure B (sort of)


Please join us at this week’s city council meeting tomorrow night. You won’t need to address the council directly unless you want to, but just being there is going to speak volumes. More info on that below. Here’s a write-up in the Burbank Leader covering some of our questions from last week. This week there will be a specific item (Item R #6) on the agenda that will address those questions. We’re bringing more folks with us to the meeting this week and will continue to hold the council responsible to the people they serve. There has simply not been enough public outreach by the council on this matter. Indeed the mayor has admonished the public and stated that all the information is available on the website. He suggests we figure out a oftentimes cryptic 4,162 page Environmental Impact Review in our spare time. The vast majority of Burbankers are unaware of any of the details of the proposed new project and of the risks involved with passing Measure B. Please join us at the council meeting. Here is some general information. You can park behind City Hall off Orange Grove or in any of the city parking lots nearby. It’s usually best to arrive no later than 6:15 to make sure and not miss the first public comment phase.  Look for the maroon “Save Burbank Neighborhood” shirts so we can say hello!


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