They haven’t mentioned NextGEN

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When it comes to Measure B on the November ballot, the Airport Authority’s isn’t telling voters the whole story. And there’s one word in this story they obviously don’t want you hear.


Nextgen is the FAA’s controversial new air traffic control system and it’s on its way to the Burbank airport.

CBS Clip: “It uses satellites instead of old fashion radar to guide airplanes.”

It’s hi-tech, efficient and promises to revolutionize air travel. So why aren’t we hearing about this from the airport authority?

FAA Clip: “Overall NextGEN has already yielded 1.6 Billion dollars in benefits to airlines.”

The word Nextgen is not mentioned anywhere in the Environmental Impact Report for the new project. That document is 6 volumes and 4,162 pages. It covers the construction and operation of the proposed new terminal. So why would something so important NOT be included?

Probably because Nextgen is causing huge problems all over the country for local governments and homeowners.

WBAL Clip: “Flight patterns have changed and planes are flying lower and turning lower, all in an effort to save money and time.”

CBS Clip: “Noise complaints have taken off too, soaring from 221 in 2013 to more than 3,300 in  just the past four months since the flight paths were changed.”

Changes in takeoff lanes allow for more departures and arrivals per hour.  

CBS Clip:

“If you can imagine yourself at an airshow.”

“Except you live at the airshow.”

“I live at the airshow.”

And even worse, these different flight paths are bringing noise to areas where it wasn’t a problem before.

WBAL Clip: “Clearly there’s been a change. If you came in and moved near and airport and you knew the noise was gonna be there, that’s a different thing but to have it change on you after you already have been there is very difficult.”

So even if you aren’t near the airport, this could be a disaster for the value of your home and your quality of life. Some airports with NextGEN are seeing between 8 and 12 additional flights per hour.

FAA Clip: “We’ve increased capacity by 5% in Atlanta and by 17% in Memphis. Delta Chairman Richard Anderson said this was the equivalent of building a new runway in Atlanta.”

Nextgen saves fuel and lowers carbon emissions while planes are on the taxiway, while at cruising altitude and when they land. But during takeoff, they are still raining down the same amount of dangerous particulates on our city. Voters should be extremely concerned by the fact that Nextgen could mean many more takeoffs per day.

Measure B will increase the terminal size by over 50% and modify the some of the taxiways near the runway.The airport authority obviously wants a larger terminal to accommodate the guaranteed, increased capacity. If we have more flights per day with Nextgen, the authorities’ promise to limit the gates to only fourteen means nothing.

The FAA is rolling out Nextgen in Burbank starting right after the Measure B vote in November and will be completely operational by April of 2017. But voters don’t know the impact yet because the FAA is just starting community outreach in Southern California.

Passing Measure B will likely increase air traffic and cause more pollution from the increased amount of takeoffs – even without additional gates. A bigger terminal means more passengers waiting for more flights.

Voting NO on Measure B is the safest way we can limit the impact of Nextgen technology, instead of rushing a vote without all the facts.

Please Vote No on Measure B

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