Join us Tuesday night!


Please join us at this week’s city council meeting Tuesday evening. Here is some general information. You can park behind City Hall off Orange Grove or in any of the city parking lots nearby. It’s usually best to arrive no later than 6:15 to make sure and not miss the first public comment phase.  Look for the maroon “Save Burbank Neighborhood” shirts so we can say hello!


2 thoughts on “Join us Tuesday night!

  1. I’m so incredibly disappointed and repulsed by the Burbank City Council, City Manager and City Attorney in their response to the demands last night at the Oct 25 2016 meeting for a town hall meeting before the Nov 8 election to get some clear answers to our questions in regards to problems residents foresee in Measure B. They spinelessly refused to provide more information to our questions regarding the so-called Super Majority and more flights by telling us “they can’t campaign” so they can’t respond publicly to our questions about more flights, NextGen, easement land grabs, pollution and traffic! I guess members Rogers, Frutos, Luddy and Talamantes were okay to “campaign” when they argued Yes on the ballot info guide but now that we have concrete questions they can’t answer them. I thought we lived in a democracy but I guess in Burbank that doesn’t apply! Shame on City Council members Talamantes, Gabel-Luddy, Rogers and Frutos for giving away our rights to their appointed Airport Commissioners and SHAME on the City Manager and City Attorney for pushing through such a bogus loss to quality of life for Burbank residents. SHAME!!!

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