I’m so sick of hearing “NextGen has nothing to do with Measure B”


A larger terminal means more passengers waiting for more flights. Not today or next week but by the time the project is completed and NextGen is operational in our region, there WILL be more flights. This is all part of a multi-year implementation plan that was fast tracked by congress. Below are videos DIRECTLY from the FAA. Watch them and listen closely. It’s about increasing safety, efficiency and CAPACITY. It’s not one technology, it’s a group of technologies. Our roll out here starts right after the election and continues through April. NextGen and Measure B are connected. Why hasn’t Will Rogers connected the dots and brought it up in previous council meetings? You’d think he’d want to defend his position now in light of the NextGen lawsuits popping up in Newport Beach and Culver City.

Watch the video on this page and tell me NextGen has nothing to do with a more capacity and a larger terminal.

Next up videos that talk about capacity. These cover how you can get planes closer together and do things in smaller airports you could never do before. This and more can be found on the FAA YouTube channel.


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