Semichorus examines myBurbank’s support for B


The controversial but always illuminating semichorus blog has some analysis of myBurbank’s endorsement of Measure B.  It’s worth a read. One thing we spotted in the article and commented on is this:

This quote is completely false: “The measure will give Burbank a ‘Super Majority’, which means that it only takes two Burbank Commissioners to vote something down.” A 2-7 vote passes? Nope. The Super Majority means it will take two commissioners from each city to pass a vote. So a 6-3 vote passes those scant 7 items the Super Majority applies to. Right now it’s a simple majority 5-4 to pass a vote. See how stupid this is?

It’s important to note that myBurbank gets that crucial point completely incorrect. What else are they missing or hiding?


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