KPCC story on Measure B


No on Measure B made it to KPCC today in a pretty balanced news story filed by Sharon McNary of our loocal NPR station. Catch it while you can, unbiased reports are hard to come by these days! My favorite bit is here:

But Measure B comes with a change in governance over the airport that makes residents like David Spell wary.

David Spell with the campaign against Measure B said the ballot’s language shifts approval of the terminal’s final plan away from voters and into the hands of the airport’s governing board of commissioners.

“What we’re giving up with this vote is the ability to limit any expansion in the future,” Spell said.

Another highlight is the fact that the yes on B folks realize what we are giving up and are fine with it!

Spell said Measure B would strip away the authority of Burbank voters to give final approval to a new terminal plan that they have held since 2000.

The Yes on B committee is comfortable with that shift because the commissioners from Burbank would also get new powers to veto significant changes in airport operations, Walmsley said.

If the measure fails, the existing facility would stay as it is.

I had suggested to Sharon she interview Gordon and Rogers but I guess that wasn’t to be. I’m not 100% comfortable being the “voice” of No on B but hey at least we got some press! Here’s the audio portion of the story.